Custom Embroidery : Pros And Cons

The use of embroidery dates back to 30,000 BC, when humans began producing clothing items, boots and hats. Fast forward to the present and embroidery is still being used throughout the world. 

In fact, embroidery services are more popular than ever especially with custom embroidery being embraced across various industries. Custom embroidery is used to create logos and name tags for all sorts of items including t-shirts, uniforms, hats and bags. 

Whether it’s for professional use or casual wear, personalised embroidery offers a classic and durable way to make a statement. Nonetheless, there are pros and cons that you should consider before diving into the world of custom embroidery: 


Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery

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Custom embroidery is a specialized and personalized technique that involves the creation of unique designs or logos on various fabric-based items through the use of embroidery machines. This process allows individuals or businesses to customize apparel, accessories, and other textile products with distinct and intricate embroidered patterns.

Various embroidery techniques, stitches, and thread colors can be employed to achieve different textures and visual effects, contributing to the uniqueness of each embroidered piece. Custom embroidery is often favored for its durability, as the stitched designs tend to withstand wear and washing better than some other printing methods.

This personalized form of embellishment has gained popularity in diverse applications, including corporate branding on uniforms, creating personalized gifts, and adding a touch of individuality to everyday clothing and accessories. Whether it’s a company logo on workwear or a custom design on a gift item, custom embroidery offers a timeless and sophisticated way to make a statement through textile decoration.


Custom Embroidery Services

Custom Embroidery Services

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Are you looking for the Best Embroidery Services in Singapore? Look no further than EMB3 Pte Ltd. We specialize in transforming your ideas and designs into reality, offering a variety of products and apparel suitable for customized embroidery printing for your team and organization, all at an affordable price.

Embroidery stands as one of our primary methods for custom apparel printing, serving as a widely adopted choice to showcase your company logo or promotional messages on uniforms, merchandise, or corporate gifts, providing a polished and professional appearance. This technique employs needles and thread, allowing the embroidery machine to craft a three-dimensional representation of your chosen design and logo. The resulting stitches are durable, withstanding multiple washes and ensuring longevity. Elevate your company’s brand presence with a corporate, professional, prestigious, and established look through our high-quality embroidery services.

Transform your vision into reality with EMB3’s exceptional embroidery services in Singapore. Elevate your team and organization’s look with customized apparel at an affordable price. Let us bring your designs to life – stand out with professionalism, durability, and style. Contact us now to take the first step towards a distinguished brand presence!


Pros Of Custom Embroidery


Embroidery is known for durability as high-quality custom stitching can outlast any form of printing. The use of strong threads and cutting edge stitching machines will ensure your logo is resistant to wear and tear. 

In other words, you can wash your embroidered items repeatedly without the worry of deterioration! 



Being durable is one thing but having an aesthetic appeal is just as important. Custom embroidery exhibits a professional and polished appearance that’ll enhance your garments and accessories. 

It’s like that one kid in school who had their name and badge stitched on their uniform. They always stood out from the crowd and that can be you too! 



Custom embroidery isn’t limited to a specific type of fabric or material. It can be applied to a wide range of items including cotton, denim, leather and fleece. This makes it an ideal choice for creating a branded look across different products. 

This versatility also extends to many different types of industries. Whether its construction, sports or hospitality, custom embroidery can seamlessly integrate into any industry. 


Brand Recognition 

With customised embroidery comes great branding potential. When your logo is stitched onto your apparel, it becomes a recognisable symbol of your brand. It’s like patching a high quality version of your logo onto a billboard! 

In this case, your uniform is the billboard and your embroidered logo is the eye-catching feature that draws attention. 



Unlike other customisation methods, custom embroidery offers a high level of consistency. Each item is stitched meticulously and every piece will look virtually identical. 

This can be crucial especially when you’re aiming for a uniform and professional appearance across different products. 


Cons of Custom Embroidery


Great things come at a price and custom embroidery is no different. Depending on how intricate your design is, the cost of embroidery can be higher than other methods. This can be a significant consideration for businesses on a tight budget. 


Some designs are so complex that it won’t translate well into embroidery. The stitching process has its limitations and some companies might find it hard to replicate your designs. 

It’s essential to consider the nature of your logo or design before opting for embroidery. 

Production Time 

Need your batch of uniforms as soon as possible? Then maybe embroidery isn’t the quickest solution. Custom embroidery can be a time consuming process especially for large quantities with intricate designs. 

So it’ll be best to plan your unique embroidery designs ahead of time to ensure a timely delivery. 



For the best visual results, it’s important to have your logo in the right place. However, certain items or fabrics may have limitations on where embroidery can be placed. 

This is due to the small gaps over pockets or seams as well the use of thick material. 


Custom Embroidery Printing in Singapore

Custom Embroidery Printing in Singapore

(Source: EMB3)

Elevate your style and brand identity with our exceptional custom embroidery printing services in Singapore at EMB3 Pte Ltd. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to precision and expertise, ensuring every stitch is executed with meticulous accuracy, resulting in unique and eye-catching pieces. From corporate uniforms to sports team apparel, our tailored designs cater to every occasion, utilizing diverse embroidery techniques such as gradient, gold and silver threads, fluorescent, 3D, tone-on-tone, stitching, and badge embroidery. We prioritize quality materials and craftsmanship, guaranteeing both durability and aesthetic appeal. Specializing in corporate branding solutions, we help you create a cohesive and professional image that leaves a lasting impression. With personalized attention to detail, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life, offering expertly crafted embroidery that tells a unique story on a variety of fabrics. Choose EMB3 Pte Ltd for unparalleled creativity, craftsmanship, and quality in custom embroidery printing.


What Products Can Do Custom Embroidery?

Custom embroidery is a versatile technique that can be applied to various of products. From apparel to accessories and corporate giveaways, the possibilities are extensive. T-shirts, polo shirts, hats, bags, towels, and even blankets can be transformed into personalized items that reflect individual tastes or brand identity.


Our Custom Embroidery Techniques

At EMB3, we take pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality custom embroidery that goes beyond the ordinary. Our skilled artisans employ a variety of innovative techniques to transform your designs into stunning embroidered masterpieces. Explore the unique world of our custom embroidery techniques, where creativity meets craftsmanship.


Our Embroidery Techniques

1. Gradient Embroidery

Gradient Embroidery

Gradient embroidery is a technique that seamlessly blends different colors to create a smooth transition within a design. This method allows for a visually stunning effect, adding depth and dimension to logos, emblems, or artwork. By carefully selecting and combining colors, our professionals can produce captivating gradients that bring a dynamic and vibrant quality to your embroidered pieces.


2. Gold & Silver Threads Embroidery

Gold & Silver Threads Embroidery

Gold and silver thread embroidery exudes an air of luxury and sophistication. Incorporating metallic threads into your designs elevates the overall aesthetic, creating an opulent and regal appearance. Whether it’s for corporate branding, special events, or upscale merchandise, the use of gold and silver threads adds a touch of glamour, making your embroidered items truly stand out.


3. Fluorescent Embroidery

Fluorescent Embroidery

Fluorescent embroidery involves the use of vibrant, eye-catching threads that emit a radiant glow. This technique is perfect for creating attention-grabbing designs that come to life in various lighting conditions. Fluorescent embroidery is an ideal choice when you want your logos or artwork to be bold and memorable, making a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.


4. 3D Embroidery

3D Embroidery

3D embroidery takes custom embroidery to the next level by adding a tactile and dimensional aspect to designs. Through strategic stitching and layering, our professionals create a raised effect that enhances the visual and textural appeal of your embroidered pieces. This technique is particularly effective for logos and emblems, giving them a standout presence that captivates the observer.


5. Tone-on-Tone Embroidery

Tone-on-Tone Embroidery

Tone-on-tone embroidery is a subtle and elegant technique that involves using threads closely matching the color of the fabric. This creates a monochromatic effect, providing a refined and understated appearance. This method is often chosen for its timeless and sophisticated look, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from corporate apparel to high-end fashion.


6. Stitching Embroidery

Stitching Embroidery

Stitching embroidery emphasizes the importance of various stitch types to create intricate and detailed designs. From satin stitches for smooth surfaces to fill stitches for added texture, our professionals carefully select and execute each stitch to bring your vision to life. Stitching embroidery allows for precise detailing, making it an excellent choice for intricate logos or designs.


7. Badge Embroidery

Badge Embroidery

Badge embroidery is a specialized technique designed for creating custom embroidered badges. Whether it’s for uniforms, team apparel, or corporate branding, our professionals pay careful attention to detail to ensure that each badge accurately represents your brand. These badges serve as symbols of pride and achievement, fostering a sense of identity and professionalism.


Custom Embroidery Process

1. Customers are requested to provide us with their logo or any designs in digital format, either as a PDF, JPG, or AI file. Subsequently, we will assess the dimensions of the design and determine the most suitable die-cutting method.

2. Upon receipt of the digital rendition of the desired logo and design, an examination will be conducted to rectify any distortions or misalignments present in the lines and shapes.

3. The design will then undergo transformation into an embroidery digitization file, ensuring its compatibility with the embroidery process.

4. Upon the completion of the digitization process, an actual sample will be produced for comparison with the digital version, ensuring a precise replication of the intended design. This phase involves considerations such as choosing the appropriate stitch type for the fabric, thread color, text, graphic elements, and the overall appearance of the apparel.

5. Following the approval of the sample, the process of imprinting the chosen design onto the fabric will begin.


How Durable or Long-Lasting are Custom Embroidery Products in Singapore?

One of the significant advantages of custom embroidery is its durability. Unlike some other printing methods that may fade or peel over time, embroidered designs tend to withstand wear and tear. The threads used are typically colorfast and resistant to fading, making custom embroidery products in Singapore a long-lasting choice. Proper care, such as gentle washing and avoiding harsh chemicals, can further extend the life of embroidered items.


Custom Embroidery Apparel

Custom Embroidery Apparrel

(Source: EMB3)

Custom embroidery adds a touch of sophistication to apparel, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to enhance their corporate identity. Logos, brand names, and custom designs can be elegantly embroidered onto uniforms, creating a professional and cohesive look. The durability of embroidery ensures that the branding remains intact even after repeated washes, making it an ideal choice for workwear.


Custom Embroidery For Logo

Custom Embroidery for Logo

(Source: EMB3)

Logos play a crucial role in brand recognition, and custom embroidery offers a timeless and classy way to showcase them. Whether on corporate attire, promotional products, or merchandise, embroidered logos create a lasting impression. The three-dimensional texture of embroidered logos adds a tactile element that stands out, making them more visually appealing than some other printing methods.


Why Choose Us?

EMB3 Pte Ltd - Best Embroidery Services in Singapore

With four decades of experience in the embroidery industry, we are a long-established Singaporean company specializing in embroidering soft goods. Our team comprises highly skilled specialists with over two decades of expertise gained at EMB3 Pte Ltd.

If you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are well-prepared to address any queries or uncertainties you may have, offering swift responses to your inquiries.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in learning more about custom embroidery, consider checking out our Embroidery blog articles.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Custom Embroidery

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is a way of decorating fabric by sewing with a needle and thread. Nowadays, you can find embroidery on many things like caps, hats, coats, blankets, dress shirts, denim, dresses, and t-shirts. You can choose from lots of different thread colors for embroidery.


Is There A Minimum Quantity Order for Custom Embroidery Services?

No, there is no minimum order quantity for our embroidery services. But you can enjoy a bulk order quantity discount from us.


How Long is the Turnaround Time?

It usually takes 5-7 workdays to complete a large order. The time it takes can change based on the specific requirements of each order.


Is There Any Sample Before Bulk Order?

Our professionals will make a picture of how the logos or art will look on the clothes. Then the layout will have to be approved by our clients before we make a real sample. After that, we’ll make a small embroidered piece to check before making a lot of them.


Are You Able To Take Urgent Orders or Rush Orders?

If you need your order urgently, we’ll do our best to help you meet your deadlines by making special arrangements.


Can I Embroider Names?

Yes, You can embroider words like names, job titles, and positions on clothes with our embroidery services. Each embroidery is unique, and you can make many of them using a list of names. On Polo Shirts, a few usual spots for stitching names are on the collars, sleeves, and left chest. But be careful not to make the words too small, or they won’t stitch well and will be difficult to read.


Is Embroidery More Expensive Than Printing?

Yes, Embroidery usually costs more than printing because it takes a lot of time and skill to finish an embroidered design. The price can go up based on how complex and detailed the design is, as it requires more thread and time to create.


Can I Embroidery My Company Logo?

Yes, our professionals can help you embroider your company logo on apparel, garments, merchandise, and other items.


Can I Do A Picture in Embroidery?

Yes, But we need the picture or artwork you want on it. Usually, your professionals should give us a clear image with lots of pixels, between 150 to 300PPI (Pixels Per Inch). You can use formats like PNG, JPEG, GIF, or BMP.

If you don’t have a clear image, we can help make one by tracing your design. Keep in mind that extra charges may apply, depending on how complicated the image is.


How Did Embroidery Come About?

Embroidery, an ancient craft dating back thousands of years, involves decorating fabric with needle and thread to create intricate designs. Its origins are somewhat unclear, but it independently emerged in various cultures worldwide, initially for practical purposes like reinforcing clothing. From ancient China to medieval Europe, it evolved as a symbol of luxury. Technological advancements, such as the sewing machine in the 19th century, made it more accessible. Today, embroidery is a popular form of creative expression, allowing individuals to personalize clothing and create beautiful artwork in this timeless tradition.


Are You Ready to Personalize Your Apparel with Custom Embroidery?

We think making T-Shirt Embroidery & Printing should be simple! Custom T-Shirts help groups of people build unity and create unique personalization, whether it’s for an event or a company. That’s why our skilled team is here to give you the best experience.

Reach out to us now & let us help you bring your ideas to reality!



Embroidery is one of the best customisation methods out there and with that, comes its pros and cons. While disadvantages are inevitable, it’s still something you can overcome with careful planning, consideration and most importantly, professional advice. 

That right, an embroidery company will always have the expertise to help you decide on the best embroidery methods. So feel free to hit us up for any custom embroidery advice, we’ll be happy to help! 

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