Commercial Embroidery Machines vs Home Embroidery Machines

There are two types of embroidery machines, namely commercial or industrial embroidery machines and domestic or home embroidery machines. Both machines offer different characteristics as well as pros and cons, depending on what your needs are. In this blog article, we will take a look at what commercial embroidery machines and home embroidery machines are, and what their differences are.

What are commercial embroidery machines?

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The industrial or commercial embroidery machine is designed for continuous use and production. When we say continuous, we mean that it is run every day for extended periods of time. Multi-needle machines are the most prevalent commercial or industrial embroidery machine types nowadays. 

To enhance productivity and shorten the time it takes to embroider products, these needles are utilised to switch between colours swiftly and efficiently. The construction of commercial or industrial machines differs significantly from that of home embroidery machines. Historically, single-needle machines predominated, but as technology advances, the market is seeing an increase in multi-needle machines.

What are home embroidery machines?

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Most machines used for hobbies or at home are made of plastic, which cannot withstand the heat and pressure of production over an extended period of time. When compared to industrial equipment, home embroidery machines often have a smaller embroidery area and fewer accessory options. 

On home model devices, issues and malfunctions may be catastrophic and may not be fixable. Home machines, on the other hand, are less expensive than commercial machines and may be bought from the majority of local sewing machine distributors or even from shopping malls.

Differences between commercial and home embroidery machines

Commercial embroidery machines are basically designed for hours of heavy use daily. Also referred to as industrial embroidery machines, commercial embroidery machines are proven for their reliability and are best suited for those who have a great passion for embroidery or are using embroidery as a business means.

Commercial embroidery machines are typically produced for companies and businesses. The performance of commercial embroidery machines is often very great. Because of their highly powerful motors, they also move at a considerably faster rate, which accelerates production time. Heavy-duty thread and heavy-weight fabric, including leather and upholstery material, can all be handled by the commercial embroidery machine.

Some commercial embroidery machines also include features like sergers, free-motion quilting options, and even extension tables for quilters. These won’t be easy to find on home embroidery machines.

If you’ve just started embroidering as a hobby or as a part-time business, a home embroidery machine is a good initial investment for you. The biggest difference between a commercial and a home embroidery machine is the size. Home embroidery machines are much smaller compared to their commercial counterparts. Additionally, compared to commercial embroidery machines, home embroidery machines also run more slowly and have a smaller embroidered area.

Also, commercial embroidery machines often just have one or two stitches, whereas domestic machines come with all those beautiful stitching options. Home embroidery machines also have the enormous advantage of not needing to be cleaned. In contrast, commercial embroidery machines need routine cleaning and lubrication, so choosing not to maintain the machine can also be a deciding factor.

With its slow movement and speed limit, the home embroidery machine is excellent for those who are new to sewing or wish to teach others how to sew. With a commercial embroidery machine, the stitching quality isn’t as good, but for the majority of projects, the quality also depends on your materials and not simply the machine.


If you’re looking to invest in an embroidery machine, you must first decide what are the main purposes of your purchase. Are you looking to start a small side project and design embroidered apparel for your children? Are you planning to teach a sewing class and teach embroidery as well? If your plans are small-scale, then a home embroidery machine will be enough for you.

Alternatively, if you’re planning to start a bigger business, then investing in a commercial embroidery machine may be in your best interest. However, unless your plan is for the long term, it’s also worth considering outsourcing seasoned professionals to do your embroidery projects. That way, you may minimise cost wastage due to trials and errors.

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