5 Embroidery Trends for 2024

Embroidery is a great way to increase the aesthetics of a piece of apparel or fabric. It’s also an effective branding tool that lasts longer compared to printing. We at EMB3 Pte Ltd constantly anticipate the newest developments in embroidery art and other needlework.

We’re thrilled to present some of the top embroidery trends we believe will be popular in 2024. These trends will undoubtedly motivate you to produce something original and current, whether you’re an experienced embroiderer or just getting started. If you are a fan of embroidery, here are

1. Eco-friendly embroidery

Sustainability has been a rising trend in recent years, and in 2024, eco-friendly embroidery will also become a significant trend. It will only become a more prominent trend in the years to come.

Eco-friendly embroidery employs eco-friendly resources to make lovely designs, such as recycled thread and organic cotton. We will incorporate these components into our products to appeal to clients seeking environmentally-friendly items. As a business, this also aligns with our sustainability mission and practices. 

2. Bold colours

This year, vivid and bold colours are everywhere! Customers will be looking for fabrics and needlework that make a statement in bold colours, from electric blue to brilliant orange. At EMB3, we’ll experiment with striking colour combinations to produce unique and captivating creations. That said, don’t be scared to experiment with colour if you want to make something that sticks out from the crowd! It’s your embroidery, so make a bold statement.

3. Retro vintage designs

Older things now have a fresh lease on life! Likewise, we anticipate that retro-inspired designs will be a major trend in 2024.

Think geometric shapes from the 1990s, neon patterns from the 1980s, and floral patterns (flower power!) from the 1970s. At EMB3, we will develop designs that draw inspiration from current trends while giving them a unique twist. These retro-inspired patterns will be a hit whether you’re a lover of a specific era or are just searching for something different.

4. More monograms

Monograms will be a significant trend in 2024 as personalisation continues to be fashionable. Customers will be looking for ways to personalise their apparel and accessories. Products also become more appealing to buyers when they are monogrammed to give them a personalised touch.

5. Texture

Texture is an essential aspect of embroidery. Customers will be looking for fabrics with a tactile quality in 2024, whether it is achieved by using various thread weights or by embellishing designs with fringe or beads. At EMB3, we employ various strategies to add texture to our designs, setting them apart from the competition.


Like any art form in life, embroidery too will encounter current and passing trends, and it’s our job as embroidery maestros to keep abreast with them. For 2024, we believe that these five trends: eco-friendly embroidery, bold colours, retro vintage designs, monograms and textures will make a major comeback. If you’d like to know more about our embroidery services and how to incorporate them into your company branding, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly here

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