What To Consider When Choosing Embroidery

Planning to customise your items with embroidery? Great choice! Turning threads into logos and name tags will add a special touch to your brand or belongings. There are also many benefits to choosing embroidery and there are even more possibilities to explore. 

However, there are several factors to consider to ensure your final product meets your expectations:


Type of Material

Whether it’s for custom t-shirts, caps or bags, the material of your item plays an important role in the success of your project. 

Fabrics like cotton, polyester and linen are some of the best materials to stitch and then you have options like denim or twill which are much harder to needle through. 

Generally, you’d want a fabric that is easy to work with but provides a stable surface for stitches. This will make it easier to weave through while holding it down. It will also engross your design better, leading to greater durability and longevity.


Your Design

Your design says a lot about your brand so it’s important to choose one that resonates with your identity and purpose. 

Simple logos with clean lines and minimal detail works for a clean and professional look, while more intricate designs can showcase creativity and uniqueness. Consider the size and scale of your design in relation to the item you’re customising. 

A well proportioned design ensures that your embroidery logo or artwork is visually striking without overwhelming the garment or accessory. And don’t forget to pay attention to the colours of your logo, ensuring it resembles your brand design.


The Right Location

The position and location of your design is just as important as the material itself. The most common place to put a logo is over the heart but there are some embroidered shirts that have them on the sleeve or even the back. 

Keep in mind that an embroidery logo should be in a position where everyone can see. It works like a walking billboard that you and your employees get to wear on a daily basis. 

And what works for one may not work for another so always consider the feature, style and design of your project. Just make sure it does not compromise the functionality of your garment or accessory!



Money will either make or break your design so make sure you understand the constraints of your budget. Unlike other forms of customisation, embroidered shirts can be relatively costly especially if you have an intricate design. 

This is due to the precision and skill required in the embroidery process. Intricate designs often involve more detailed stitching, which can increase both time and material costs

Before diving into your project, set a realistic budget that aligns with your expectations. Communicate your budget clearly and ensure that the final cost remains within your financial boundaries.


Time Frame

Time is of the essence when it comes to customising items through embroidery. Consider your project’s timeline, especially if you have a specific event or deadline. 

While machine embroidery is generally quicker, intricate designs or a high quantity of items may still require ample time. Plan ahead to avoid last-minute rushes, ensuring that your items are ready when you need them.



Embroidered shirts, hats and even bags are a fantastic way to personalise your brand or personal style. They look great for the most part but they also become invaluable marketing tools to your business. 

Just remember to consider these factors before making a decision and your shirt will definitely come out looking like a masterpiece!

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