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Elevate your style with our professional polo shirt embroidery services! Whether you’re aiming to enhance team uniforms, create personalized gifts, or showcase your brand on stylish polo shirts, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled team excels in turning your ideas into high-quality embroidered designs. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we bring a touch of sophistication to every polo shirt. Experience personalized craftsmanship and a polished appearance with our polo shirt embroidery. Contact us now to discuss your needs and let us bring your vision to life!


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Discover a world of style and customization with our Polo Shirt Embroidery services in Singapore. Elevate your wardrobe with personalized polo shirts that showcase your unique flair. Our skilled team specializes in delivering high-quality embroidery, ensuring a professional and polished look for your polo shirts. Whether you’re looking to create a cohesive team appearance, promote your brand with a logo, or add a personal touch to your apparel, our services cater to diverse needs.

Shop for Polo Shirt Embroidery in Singapore with confidence and experience the seamless blend of quality craftsmanship and personalized design. Transform your polo shirts into distinctive pieces that make a statement.


Our Embroidery Services

At EMB3 Pte Ltd, we specialize in transforming your imaginative concepts into tangible products, offering an extensive range of clothing ideal for personalized shirt embroidery. Our primary focus is delivering high-quality embroidery printing for your team and organization, all at an affordable price.

Embroidery stands out as our chosen method for apparel printing, widely favored for displaying your company logo or promotional messages on uniforms, merchandise, or corporate gifts. This technique employs needles and thread to create a three-dimensional representation of your chosen design and logo. The resulting stitches are sturdy, enduring multiple washes and ensuring enduring quality. Enhance your company’s image with a corporate, professional, and established look through our outstanding shirt embroidery services.


Polo Shirts Shops in Singapore

Polo shirts are the epitome of “formal casual” attire. Unlike regular t-shirts, polo shirts give you that professional yet casual look. You put one on and you’re ready for a night in the town or a simple hangout at the coffee shop. 

Polo shirts can also be used as uniforms. They look good in any environment and many companies use them throughout Singapore. Uniforms need name tags and logos too which raises the question, what method looks the best? 

When it comes to polo shirts, embroidery is usually used for trademarks and overall appeal. They look professional and presentable which can be great for branding. Embroidery also lasts longer compared to conventional printing methods. 

Embroidered polo shirts is an artform and in this article, we will talk about our embroidery services and the benefits of using polo shirts. First off, let’s take a look at the best places to get a polo shirt in Singapore.


North Harbour

north harbour store

(Source : NorthHarbour Shopee Page)

North Harbour is one of the top polo shirt manufacturers in Singapore. They are known for their wide selection of different coloured shirts. Their polo’s are also cheap and highly customizable. We recommend North Harbour if you need to make large purchases on a tight budget. 

They don’t own a physical store however so all purchases will have to be made online.



zalora store front

(Source : The Smart Local)

Zalora is an online platform where you can find any polo shirt. They have an endless variety of styles and brands for you to choose from. Stylish and comfortable, Zalora polo’s are typically made from cotton. They also offer free shipping and a 30 day free return policy. 

Use Zalora if you plan to shop from the comfort of home while being exposed to a diverse range of styles and brands. 



uniqlo store front

(Source : Inside Retail)

Uniqlo offers a large selection of reasonably priced polo shirts. They are highly customizable and they come in a variety of styles and colors. They also have Singapore weather friendly shirts to keep you cool. 

Overall, Uniqlo polo’s are simple, practical  and cost saving shirts that go well with any fit. You can also find them at every corner! 

Locations: Plaza Singapura, Orchard Central and Bugis+


Under Armour 

under armour store front

(Source : Run Society)

Under Armour provides high quality performance apparel. They have some of the best dri fit polo shirts that you can use as sports and office wear. The fabric is breathable and it will keep you cool and dry in Singapore’s hot weather. 

Under Armour polo’s are commonly used for embroidery and they are reasonably priced. Have a look at our selection of Under Armour polo shirts

Location: Orchard Central, Paragon Shopping Centre and Ngee Ann City 



puma store front

(Source : Inside Retail)

Similar to Under Armour, Puma is one of the best when it comes to performance apparels. Their polo’s are breathable and they work well in Singapore’s weather. For better mobility, the shirts are also flexible and non restrictive.

Go for Puma if you want to look sleek on the golf course and at the office. Here’s our line of polo shirts by Puma. 

Location: Bugis+, ION Orchard and Marina Bay Sands 


The Shirt Bar 

the shirt bar store front

(Source : The Shirt Bar Website)

The Shirt Bar specializes in simple, block coloured polo shirts. They are highly customizable due to their plain nature. Made from superior pima cotton or tencel, the shirts are ultra cooling, soft and silky. They work extremely well during hot days in Singapore. 

The shirts are also sustainable and they can last for a long time. If you’re looking for simple shirts that are easily customizable, then The Shirt Bar should have what you need. 

Location: Suntec City, Wheelock Place and Herschel Tangs Plaza



lacoste store front

(Source : Inside Retail)

A well known brand around the world, Lacoste specializes in producing high quality polo’s. Although they lean on the pricier side, Lacoste shirts are fashionable, comfortable and perfect for any setting. 

We suggest going for their short or long sleeve polo’s for company uniforms. They look great with name and logo embroidery! 

Location: Wisma Atria, Ngee Ann City and 313@somerset


Ralph Lauren 

ralph lauren store front

(Source : Asia Apparels)

Here’s another brand you’ve probably heard of. Recognized as the godfather of polo shirts, Ralph Lauren popularized polo use back in the 60s. They are one of the most distinguishable brands in the market and that is reflected on their hefty price tag. 

They also produce some of the best polo shirts in the world which we highly recommend if you have the budget. 

Location: Shaw Centre, Ngee Ann City and TANGS at Tangs Plaza 

Embroidery is a delicate artform which requires dedication, creativity, and a set of skilled hands. In Singapore, there are many embroidery companies and they each have their own style and expertise. So what sets EMB3 apart from the rest? 


Our Polo Embroidery Techniques

1. Gradient Embroidery

Gradient Embroidery

Gradient embroidery technique seamlessly blends different hues to achieve a smooth transition within a design. This approach yields visually stunning effects, infusing logos, emblems, or artwork with depth and dimension. Our skilled professionals carefully select and combine colors, resulting in captivating gradients that imbue your embroidered polo shirt pieces with dynamic and vibrant qualities.


2. Gold & Silver Threads Embroidery

Gold & Silver Threads Embroidery

The incorporation of gold and silver threads in embroidery gives out an air of luxury and sophistication. Introducing metallic threads into your polo shirt designs elevates the overall aesthetic, creating an opulent and regal appearance. Whether for corporate branding, special events, or upscale merchandise, the use of gold and silver threads adds a touch of glamour, ensuring your embroidered items stand out with elegance.


3. Fluorescent Embroidery

Fluorescent Embroidery

Fluorescent embroidery employs vivid, eye-catching threads that emit a radiant glow. This technique is ideal for crafting attention-grabbing designs that come to life in various lighting conditions. When bold and memorable logos or artwork are desired, Fluorescent embroidery is a perfect choice, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who beholds it.


4. 3D Embroidery

3D Embroidery

Taking custom polo shirt embroidery to the next level, 3D embroidery introduces a tactile and dimensional aspect to designs. Through strategic stitching and layering, our professionals create a raised effect that enhances the visual and textural appeal of your embroidered pieces. This technique is particularly effective for logos and emblems, providing them with a standout presence that captivates the observer.


5. Tone-on-Tone Embroidery

Tone-on-Tone Embroidery

Tone-on-tone embroidery is a subtle and elegant technique involving threads closely matching the fabric color. This creates a monochromatic effect, offering a refined and understated appearance. Chosen for its timeless and sophisticated look, tone-on-tone embroidery is suitable for a variety of applications, from corporate apparel to high-end fashion.


6. Stitching Embroidery

Stitching Embroidery

Stitching embroidery highlights the significance of various stitch types in creating intricate and detailed designs. From satin stitches for smooth surfaces to fill stitches for added texture, our professionals meticulously select and execute each stitch to bring your vision to life. Stitching embroidery allows for precise detailing, making it an excellent choice for intricate logos or designs.


7. Badge Embroidery

Badge Embroidery

Badge embroidery is a specialized technique crafted for custom embroidered badges. Whether for uniforms, team apparel, or corporate branding, our professionals pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each badge accurately represents your brand. These badges serve as symbols of pride and achievement, fostering a sense of identity and professionalism.


How Do We Determine The Price For Our Polo Shirt Embroidery

The pricing is primarily based on the number of stitches needed to create the image, considering the quantity of threads used and the time required for each embroidery job. Additionally, the following factors play a role:


The Size of the Embroidery, Varies with Different Widths

Larger print sizes incur higher prices, and we can embroider images ranging from 7.5cm to 25cm in width. Feel free to share your details, and we’d be happy to provide a free quotation with no obligations.


The Number of Colors Present in the Image

Images with more colors will have a higher associated cost


The Total Quantity of Identical Prints Required

Larger quantities offer cost advantages. Printing in larger quantities will have more economical pricing.


Pros & Cons of Shirt Embroidery


Pros of Polo Shirt Embroidery


Your design is personalized and entirely at your discretion. Moreover, the various thread colors provide ample flexibility for deciding the desired appearance of your polo t-shirt design!



The polo shirt will exude professionalism and sleekness due to its high-quality outcome.



A well-crafted embroidered design for a polo shirt is built to endure heat, even when subjected to high-temperature washes. The colors also resist fading, ensuring the longevity of your design.



Pricing for polo shirt embroidery has its pros and cons. While shirt printing is more expensive in smaller quantities due to higher setup costs, embroidery proves to be a more economical choice for logos with multiple colors in smaller orders


Cons of Polo Shirt Embroidery


Embroidery tends to be pricier compared to T-shirt printing due to its labor-intensive nature. Individuals seeking a small quantity of embroidered polo shirts may find it less budget-friendly.


Difficulty with Small Text

Embroidered small text on polo shirts can be challenging to read as the stitches can distort the text, making it appear complex and unclear from a distance.


Why EMB3?

EMB3 Pte Ltd - Best Embroidery Services in Singapore

Founded in 1989, EMB3 has been in the embroidery industry for over 30 years. We have served many clients in Singapore and we look to expand our market internationally. To produce high quality embroidery, our process boils down to our expertise, technology and materials. 

Over the years, we have equipped ourselves with a large number of multi head embroidery machines. It has helped us produce embroidered apparel with speed and accuracy. We also use Madeira threads, the finest threads from Germany. 

We have embroidered apparels such as headwear, bags, towels and of course, polo shirts. We do various types of embroidery on polo shirts such as logos, velcro badges, initials and name tags. We also specialize in making small texts of high quality. 


Complete Customized Embroidery

With our committed in-house design team, we have the capability to craft entirely personalized designs. We collaborate closely with our clients, merging a keen eye for aesthetics with technical expertise to transform their concepts into tangible creations.


Uncompromised Quality Embroidery

With a collective experience of 40 years, we have acquired a valuable understanding of our customers’ requirements. We take pride in our capacity to manage rapid turnarounds or special requests, delivering a service that is consistently friendly, responsive, and highly personalized.


Affordable Embroidery & Printing Services

EMB3 Pte Ltd specializes in crafting visually appealing branded embroidery clothing and apparel by incorporating your designs onto your selected items.


Here’s a look at how we customize your polo shirts.  


emb3 shirtemb3 polo shirt

(Source : EMB3)


Our Polo Shirt Embroidery Process 

  1. We start by choosing the right fabric for your polo shirts. We usually recommend dri fit or polyester polo’s as they look great with embroidery. They’re also comfortable and compatible with Singapore’s weather. 
  2. We then make any necessary adjustments to your digital design before proceeding with the embroidery process. This includes tidying the lines and shapes that are out of place. 
  3. After the design has been confirmed, the next step is to choose the placement of the design. This is to determine where your logo or name tag should be positioned on the shirt. 
  4. Next, we choose the right stitch types and color according to your design and shirt fabric. 
  5. Lastly, we create an actual sample of the design to see how it compares to its digital copy. We start the embroidery printing process once the sample has been approved. 


5 Reasons You Should Wear Embroidered Polo Shirts 

There are many benefits to donning embroidered polo shirts as an individual, team or business. They look good for the most part but they can also benefit in terms of cost and longevity. Here are 5 reasons why embroidered polo shirts are the best! 

Brand Identity  

Embroidered polo shirts can be a great way to enhance your brand identity. Companies set a good impression when their employees are professionally dressed. This makes it easier for customers to identify your brand. 

Customers would also want to associate with brands who look more professional and presentable. On top of that, they might influence other people to engage with your business. 


Embroidered polos can last for years. Both the fabric and stitchings can withstand high temperatures and heavy laundering. Embroidery also takes longer to fade compared to regular shirt printing. 

Polo shirts are also everlasting in terms of style. They have a timeless design and they can be used for years without looking outdated. 

Cost Effective

Longevity and cost effectiveness go hand in hand. The longer your embroidered polo shirts last, the less you have to spend on new uniforms for your employees. 

Although embroidery costs more than traditional shirt printing, their durability makes them more cost effective in the long run.


Whether you’re in the food or tech industry, embroidered polos look great for any business. They’re also versatile in terms of style. They can be paired with denim jeans, chino shorts and slacks. 

Polo shirts are also unisex and they look good regardless if you’re male or female. 

Easily Customizable 

Polo shirts are highly customizable as they come in many styles, colors and fabrics. You can choose a single style or you could mix and match for a personalized style. There are literally hundreds of variations to choose from! 

In addition, Embroidery works better on the thick fabric of polo shirts. It also provides a wide canvas for your logo or name tag. Remember to add your trademark in a location where it’s fully visible.


Key Takeaway 

Polo shirts look great for casual or formal wear and there are many places in Singapore where you can find them. When it comes to adding logos or name tags, embroidery is undoubtedly the best method to do so. 

Whether you’re an individual, team or company, there are many benefits to wearing embroidered polo shirts. This includes improving brand identity, longevity and cost effectiveness. All in all, embroidered polos can be a valuable marketing tool to your business. 

For more information regarding polo shirts and embroidery, visit our website and contact us here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Polo Shirt Embroidery in Singapore

What Can I Embroider? & What Cannot Be Embroidered?

Embroidery presents a versatile way to enhance various items, including clothing like t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, hats, and uniforms, as well as accessories such as bags, towels, and linens. Logos, names, and intricate designs can be beautifully embroidered on these surfaces, providing a personalized touch. However, delicate fabrics like silk or very thick and rigid materials may pose challenges for embroidery due to potential damage or machine limitations. 


Where Can I Find Polo Shirt Supplier?

Looking for a polo shirt supplier? We offer reasonable price polo shirts without compromising on the excellence of materials or service. Browse our shop for our polo products.


Why Is A Polo Shirt So Expensive?

Regular T-shirts lack buttons, whereas Polo T-shirts feature two or three buttons beneath the collar. The inclusion of these extra buttons contributes to higher manufacturing costs compared to sewing a rib around the neckline, making Polo T-shirts more expensive than standard T-shirts.


Where Do You Put The Logo On A Polo Shirt?

When considering where to place the design on company polo shirts, excellent placement ideas include positioning it across the front of the left or right sleeve, just above the sleeve band, or on the upper left or right side of the shirt’s front.


How Should I Care For My Branded Polo Shirts?

These steps will preserve your polo shirts’ vibrancy and durability over time:


  • Check care labels
  • Wash inside out on a gentle cycle with cold water
  • Avoid bleach
  • Air-dry when possible
  • Treat stains promptly
  • Iron inside out with low heat
  • Store by hanging to prevent wrinkles
  • Avoid direct sunlight


Are You Ready For Polo Shirt Embroidery in Singapore?

We believe that the process of Polo Shirt Embroidery should be straightforward and hassle-free. Our Custom Polo Shirts Embroidery not only fosters unity among groups but also allows for Unique Personalization, whether it’s for an event or a company. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with the finest embroidery experience.

Get in touch with us today, and let us assist you in turning your ideas into reality! Whether you’re aiming for a cohesive team look or a personalized touch, we are here to ensure your Polo Shirt Embroidery experience is seamless and enjoyable.



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